Dating in the City


Meeting for Drinks

Urban environments offer plenty of choices for dates, but many people want to get to know their potential partner first. They often choose a local bar or restaurant where they can have a good conversation, so meeting for drinks on the first date is generally a good idea. While clubs are hopping with life, they offer few opportunities to really talk. Dinner in a nice restaurant might be nice, but investing that much time in someone unknown could be more than either person is willing to spend.

Small bars often offer a quiet atmosphere where a couple can sit together and chat, and there is no limit on the time they can spend there. Some of them offer a wide variety of food and drink, so dinner might be a possibility if the two people hit it off right away. If they are not quite sure, they can stop after a few drinks and decide on arranging another date over the phone.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to sitting with a potential partner, so good conversation is important. Staying sober is also a good idea because a person must hold up their end of the conversation, so ordering a glass of water to go with a cocktail could be a good idea. Choosing to munch on something substantial could also help keep the meeting on track, and it could give both people an opportunity to really size up their potential for a relationship.

While not all couples will choose to have their first date at a quiet bar, many urban dwellers have found it is the perfect location. They can meet after business hours, relax together, and they can get home in time for a good night of rest. It is a great way to get to know someone without making an immediate commitment, and the relaxed atmosphere may even help the couple be more open as they explore the possibility of another date.