Dating in the City


A Dating Disaster

There are times when even people trying to stay lost in a large city are unable to accomplish it, and those who date others for reasons other than an honest try at a relationship may eventually be caught. It could be a man who thought he had a good chance at a relationship with the woman who dumped him after a couple of dates, or it could be a woman who waited for a phone call for a second date that was never going to be offered. For most people, it would be a dating disaster if they were suddenly found out.

The majority of people going out to eat on a regular basis have their own set of favorite restaurants, and they tend to go to them on a regular basis. They might want steak at the beginning of the month, or they could prefer spaghetti around the middle of it. No matter their preferences, they could end up at a place where they had previously gone on a date with someone else. Being discovered and the subsequent events depend upon how upset the other person will be when they meet.

While dating in this manner is often something accepted by those who have been in the city for months or even years, not everyone is in on it. A woman might have accepted a date believing it could lead to a relationship, and she might not understand that was never going to occur. Her feelings would not have been hurt until her new roommates or co-workers explained the game. The same could be said for a man new to the city, and he might feel the same way about being used.

It is difficult for many people to imagine that anyone would want this type of lifestyle, but there are many who are more concerned with their careers. They might feel it is a good way to get out of their cramped apartment, have a nice time with someone else and move on. Their goal is to have a date for dinner, but they are not interested in anything more.